Why TestRamp

After years of working with slow and frustrating tools, delayed releases, and product managers breathing down our necks, we realized there has to be a better way.

Why waste time and money on every deployment or release? Why deal with outdated tools built for outdated methods?

Why waste hours on simple tasks when there is a lot we could be doing that does require our time and expertise?

With TestRamp the barriers to rapid quality are eliminated, and so is our headache.

How It Works

Time Well Spent

Measure and Contain Costs

Ever felt like you’ve spent your whole day (or week!) checking the same basic steps as last release? We get it. We’ve been there. TestRamp exists to solve this problem. Let engineers be engineers without sacrificing quality. TestRamp allows your QA team to focus on the areas that require their expertise rather than getting stuck on simple tasks like:

  • UI Testing:
  • Functional Testing:
  • Acceptance Testing:
  • Smoke Testing:
  • Load Testing:
  • Exploratory Testing:
  • Sanity Testing:

With TestRamp we finally feel that QA can save time rather than cost us time. Developers and QA engineers love it. You will too!

Everyone deals with budget constraints, and let’s face it, there’s never the budget we’d like for testing. We needed a solution to cover the gaps when we didn’t have the budget or time to hire more resources. With TestRamp our QA was easy to measure and control.

  • Reduced Resources: Make sure you aren’t wasting valuable dollars on resources that are underutilized.
  • Boosting performance: Take the tedious or time consuming off your shoulders, off your team’s shoulders, and focus your time where you want it.
  • Curbing costs: Ensure that your budget doesn’t get wasted on contract hiring at exorbitant prices.
  • Better visibility: See where your effort is spent, and where it might be needed more.

Identity Issues Early

A Tool that actually makes life better

One of my favorite things is finding out about a bug six months later, going back through the code to find the issue, and waiting for that whole module to be retested. Said no one ever. We sought a solution that not only reduces manual tasks, but also avoids finding bugs by waiting for the app to crash. In production. No one wants that.

Anyone else sick of a tool that looks like (and probably was) built in the 90’s? After going through endless menus to do simple tasks, we got fed up. This was the last straw. And TestRamp was born.

Key performance indicators for your test plan

Make Your Journey To Modern Testing A Smooth One

Knowing what and when to test can be important as knowing how to test. TestRamp helps give data that is actually useful. We finally had a way to track where our coverage was spotty, what features failed the most, and what platforms we had issues with. Our testing has gotten more efficient, more targeted, and far more effective. Yours can too.

No headache and no risk. Give it a try.

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