TestRamp is a full-featured QA Platform.  From test-case management, to team augmentation, to Crown-Sourced testing, we can help.

Accelerate your software testing

You’ve planned out your test plan strategy, instrumented everything, and now you’re waiting on testing at every release or deployment, or just skipping QA. Maybe you’ve given up on manual QA or UI testing completely. Here’s how TestRamp can help you ensure your quality is efficient, painless, and successful.

Effortless Onboarding

Four simple steps to bring your QA up to speed:

  • Import or Add Tests: Import your test suite, or build one and manage your tests within TestRamp.
  • Provide An Environment: Tell us (or your team) where to test. Point us to a url for a website, a link to an s3 bucket, or upload your mobile app’s build.
  • Customize for your Process (optional): We’ll work within your process. Let us know how to classify defects, functional areas, and more.
  • Start a Run: Select test cases, the platforms you want them tested on, and tell us (or your team) when you want them tested by. That’s it, we’ll get started and you’ll have results in no time!

Real Test Engineers will begin testing your test cases. Eliminate the time you spend on testing tasks that are hard to automate, or maintaining automation for changing features.

Plan Your Quality

Plan All Your Testing Activities:

  • Calendar View: Use the calendar view to understand and plan your testing activities or coverage.
  • Built In Test Plans: For every milestone, sprint/cycle, task, or run, built in test plans can be configured from global settings or customized at any time.
  • Test Plan Tracking: Track progress of every test plan over time through burndown charts, summaries, detailed results, and reports.

Manage Tests

We can help you manage your tests.

Monitor your test cases as they’re being executed:

  • Manage Your Test Suite: Whether you’re just getting started, or if you have dozens of QA teams, TestRamp can help you manage your test suite from plan through execution and reporting.
  • View report history across runs: View test history by run. See how often tests are failing, passing, or getting blocked.
  • Better visibility into test coverage: Find what features and platforms are failing most, and where you need to improve coverage.

Execute Tests

Quickly execute groups of tests or individually selected tests.

  • Easily Execute: Step by step, execute each test. Within the test log a defect or mark a test as blocked.
  • Assign Tests: Assign tests to your team members or to us and watch them get completed quickly.
  • Schedule Execution: Schedule test execution and runs for later dates. Test execution assigned to us will start automatically when you want.

Defect Tracking

See test results as they are being executed, monitor progress, and fix bugs within your sprint lifecycle.

  • Realtime Defect Logging: Have bugs logged throughout your development or sprint cycle.
  • Detailed Bug Reports: All bugs are logged with detailed information including expected and actual results, steps to reproduce, and screen shots of any failures.
  • Track Unresolved Bugs: Track all bugs by status, date and more. Update the status or other information. Push defects to your project tool with integrations.

Generate Reports

Show stakeholders our built-in reporting and updates.

Examples of reports include:

  • Pass Fail Ratio
  • Bug Severity by Run
  • Highest Failing Platform(s)
  • Bugs by Functional Area or Featureset
  • Fail Rate Over Time
  • Executions Over Time

and more!


Already have a test management system? Great! Use our open API to push and pull tests, bugs, and reports in real time. Some of our clients’ most popular integrations include JIRA, Jenkins, Trello, Pivotal Tracker, TestRail, and more, coming soon!
See our Integrations Page for more info!

Take the delay out of QA and join the CI/CD world

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