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We can assist you with your development and testing lifecycle

Our personalized service is here to help you with all the details, every step of the way.

Manual Testing

  • Regression testing
  • Test case management
  • Test plan mapping
Turn Key

Automation Testing

  • Writing automation code
  • Maintenance on existing testing code base
  • Code is stored in your repository

Development Services

  • Front-end development
  • Back-end development
  • Mobile (iOS, Android)
  • Custom software and integrations

US Managed

Each team in assigned to a US-based account manager that will help coordinate activities, resolve issues, meet and communicate with you during your workday.

Integrated Team

No matter your team size, our engineers become part of your process. We complete projects tasks on time, so we can help you meet your deadlines.

Great Value

Our prices are highly competitive; but more importantly, they are a great value. We never jeopardize our quality and ensure your employees are well compensated and cared for.

QA Testing

  • Provide full-service assistance during all phases of development and testing.
  • Measuring and monitoring features throughout your development lifecycle to support your product stability.
  • Facilitating teamwork to free up time so you can focus on innovating and building your business.

Test Plans and Scripts

  • Provide full service design and writing of Test Plans, Test Scenarios, Test Cases and Test Scripts
  • Write detailed test scripts to include ‘steps’ that fully describe how to use the program — which buttons to press, and in which order — to carry out a particular action in the program.
  • Design scripts to include specific results that are expected for each step, such as observing a change in the UI.
  • Use best practices for Test Plan design.


  • Supporting continuous development, deployment and integration with your current lifecycle.
  • Improve deployment frequency, shorten the lead-time between releases, and improve the quality of builds.
  • Reduce your internal resources and costs associated with the software development process.
  • We support project teams with a “Follow The Sun” methodology.

Deployment Platforms

  • Assist in identifying, configuring, managing and maintaing device platforms.
  • Provide support for physical and virtual device farms.
  • Guiding analysis of your customer experience so you can drive towards organizational accountability.

Get the most out of TestRamp

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