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We can assist you with your development and testing lifecycle

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QA Testing

  • Provide full-service assistance during all phases of development and testing.
  • Measuring and monitoring features throughout your development lifecycle to support your product stability.
  • Facilitating teamwork to free up time so you can focus on innovating and building your business.

Test Plans and Scripts

  • Provide full service design and writing of Test Plans, Test Scenarios, Test Cases and Test Scripts
  • Write detailed test scripts to include ‘steps’ that fully describe how to use the program — which buttons to press, and in which order — to carry out a particular action in the program.
  • Design scripts to include specific results that are expected for each step, such as observing a change in the UI.
  • Use best practices for Test Plan design.


  • Supporting continuous development, deployment and integration with your current lifecycle.
  • Improve deployment frequency, shorten the lead-time between releases, and improve the quality of builds.
  • Reduce your internal resources and costs associated with the software development process.

Deployment Platforms

  • Assist in identifying, configuring, managing and maintaing device platforms.
  • Provide support for physical and virtual device farms.
  • Guiding analysis of your customer experience so you can drive towards organizational accountability.

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